How can gym stereotypes be funny

        How can gym stereotypes be funny

When working out in the glorious house of gainz, in the zone with one's eyes on the prize, other people's workout distractions can be annoying, whether it’s [describe a few annoying behaviors here]. But videos made for entertainment shed some light on the comical side of these potentially annoying distractions.  Videos about gym stereotypes are funny because they take habits that can be found annoying in a space for working out and then put a funny and creative spin their behavior, shedding light on these kinds of people

According to the “Dude Perfect Stereotypes ” video series on YouTube, gym stereotypes are funny because of  how true they are.. From the screamers to Mr. Excuses (the slackers) they all happen and even though they are something that annoys a lot of people they can distract others and interrupt their workouts when trying to lift and hit the weights, Dude Perfect found a way to make them funny. In one video, they expand on the slacker behavior by showing a character who had many excuses to not go to the gym. Always having something to do or things that come up and ruin his gym plans. Or the screamers who would scream and grunt and make loud noises when trying to lift.

For gym bros and broettes trying to get swole and a sick pump for any reason whether it's getting that summer body, changing one's current lifestyle, or just wanting to better one’s self in one aspect of life. A gym is a place where everyone gathers to help reach a similar goal of one another. Now with a diverse group of people, it is certain there will be a diverse plethora of ways,habits, forms, and “techniques’ that people will do when they're working out. According to ‘’elitedaily’’ ( a website that is based on fitness and the problems that you might encounter) Going to the gym has many benefits such as improving one's sleep, feeling better, some may be less stressed, and is even known to give a self esteem boost.

Some habits can be considered to be worse or more annoying than others and certain people who are found doing them a lot do not go without notice. With those habits that people see and may or may not find annoying is where the stereotype is formed. A special group of people not chosen in any way just gain these habits that are noticed by others and therefore the stereotype is made. And proven by Dude Perfect, these habit based stereotypes can be funny if looked at in a lighthearted,  way. By giving them funny names, such as [name them here] and maybe even a slight exaggeration these sometimes annoying behaviors can be pretty funny.

Of the 2,000 people polled, 74 percent said fellow gym goers were guilty of bad gym etiquette, and many implicated themselves as well: 49 percent admitted to having used water bottles and towels that aren't actually theirs; 33 percent revealed they exercise without deodorant; 18 percent fessed up to working out despite coughing, sneezing and being sick; and 16 percent flat-out said they don’t wash their clothes between workouts. Skeeved out? Us too.” In this quote, it talks about the different behaviors in a way that one’s possibly see at the gym and the quote above sheds a lot of light on how bad these habits formed stereotypes can be. It shows the nastier versions of things that people don't particularly think about where the more obvious stereotypes are not as mentioned but still do hit on the  topic of the statement of “bad gym etiquette”.With the percentages added in this shows the reader how many people do these thing which is a lot compared to what one might notice. It also shows that to gym bros and broettes this is a fairly huge topic, so it only makes sense that a video from Dude Perfect would be so successful..

If gym bros and broettes stopped to think about it, they would realize that gym stereotypes can is not just about the fact that it can be annoying and distracting in the gym, but can also be funny if looked at in the right light!

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Sean Johnson (Student 2019)
Sean Johnson

This was a nice essay about a topic that I can relate to. This essay did not necessarily convince me of anything, but it did reaffirm my love for the GLORIOUS HOUSE OF GAINZ.

Emily Pugliese (Student 2019)
Emily Pugliese

I never thought of going to the gym as funny but more as a pain. In my experience of going to the gym I never heard grunts or groaning, but rather a quiet workspace. Your paper got me thinking, what if one was to laugh at another, while they were working out? Wouldn't it hurt or ruin their self esteem?

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

I wondering who is creating these video games about gym rats. Also, I want to know the different type of stereotypes and what part of the world are these stereotypes mostly believed in. The relationship between people who frequently workout and their relationship with the gym would be an interesting question because it could link down to many ideas and themes.