How does writing help you connect?

Writing helps me connect through a lot of ways. Writing isn't something I just do because I have to.Its something that I love doing.I write for many reasons.I write when I'm sad and have no one to talk to or when I'm happy and I just need to write it down to remind my self one day how happy I was. Writing is like an outlet to me.It allows me to be me judgmental free writing. You know that urge you have when you have a secret I get the all the time and I usually write it on paper then when I'm done I burn it i was able to get the secret off of my chest. It helps me connect to the inner me because sometime I feel lost and don't know where to go but I always write and write and by the time I'm done I have found my way. Writing to me is not just a tool its a lifestyle.It also helps me connect with people because some times I am having a bad day but if I write about my problems I feel kind of relived because now I don't have to bring my friends down with my depression. That is how writing helps me connect.