How Many Wars Are There?

War on Terror


         Hello and Welcome to the first of many articles by Aaron VanBuren on the topic of How Many Wars Are There? I was given this project called You and the World. Today was going to be about basics of the United States Military and the Wars we have been involved in. The sub-topic is War on Terror. I am interested in this topic because of the new we all heard about on Sunday, May 1, 2011 of Osama Bin Laden being killed.


After a decade (10 years) we found Osama Bin Laden and we killed him. I was surprised but I discovered that he was the leader of Al Qaeda, which this group of terrorist caused so much pain and heartbreak because of the attacks on 9/11 (world trade centers, pentagon and flight 93), U.S embassy, USS Cole bombing and more over a two decade period. In my research I founded out that President Obama and the U.S Military had a lead on Osama Bin Laden location since August of 2010. Since then they have been looking for him and about a week ago a group of unknown U.S soldiers killed Osama Bin Laden and with DNA they verified it was him.


I really wonder why it took us this long to find Osama? Also how does the families around the world fell about his death? I still think in the back of my head when will I hear the sounds of guns blazing and bombs dropping?

Look forward to a continuation of this topic. The plan for the future is too answer the questions I didn’t answer and give some more information about the topic. BYE see you next time!