How Many Wars are There?

Soldiers in Training



            Welcome back to the last blog of “How Many Wars Are There”? Before I live my followers, the topic for today is Soldiers in trainings.


            When we here about soldiers we think about the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force soldiers not about the soldiers who stand on the corner or ride motorcycle.  But what don’t know is that there are soldiers in the military who are in gangs.


Here’s a list of some…

            1. Hells Angels

            2. Bloods

            3. Crips

            4. Sureños

                  5. Latin Kings

And so many others.


So many people still be confused let me draw picture for you, One day a group of people might start a gang or an association of organized crime. Next the leader will choose who does what meaning, having a VP, Lt, Sergeant, Enforcer and Foot soldiers.  He may send some of them the to Army, Marines, Navy and Air Forces, so they the training as an expect and so if the leader gets in a situation he can get away by Boats (Navy), Planes and Helicopters (Air Forces), Urban hideouts (Army) and (Marines).  But also so what they soldiers learned they can teach the other gang members so they can protect themselves, commit crimes and have a special skill to save for a rain day.