How to Become a Foster Parent

Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 9.06.08 AM
Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 9.06.08 AM
​For this project, Anna and I decided to show the process on how to become a foster parent. When doing research, we learned that the process to becoming a foster parent is very complex and the requirements depend on what kind of child you'd wish to adopt and how your living situation is. Most of our information came form Anna'a aunt who recently become a foster parent for two young children. She gave us a step-by-step list on what needed to be done and also copies of the paperwork needed. 

The majority of the process to become a foster parent dealt with paperwork and filling out all different types of forms. We needed to fill out paperwork from financial information to the types of shots our pets received. Most of the paperwork was straightforward and started to become redundant. Most of the forms asked for the same thing, such as name, social security number and who lives in the household and your marital status. 

If I personally could change anything about the actual process, I would probably change the fact that classes need to be taken. When someone becomes a parent by giving birth, they aren't told to take classes to learn how to be a good parent. By telling people who want to become a foster parent to take classes, it kind of tells them that they might not know what they're doing. If I were to change anything about the flowchart we made, I would make it so that it was more detailed and went off in different directions depending on if you couldn't fill out the paperwork correctly. 

Becoming a foster parent is a very complex process and I believe it should be that way. These children are in foster care for a reason and finding them a "perfect" home to live in is necessary. All this paperwork and background checks need to be made because the government i placing these children somewhere and making a mistake like giving them to a worse family would be wrong.