How To Greet Someone In Espaol

Below is how you would ask someone "How Are You" in Spanish. It's not hard to learn Greetings in Spanish, and it comes out to be very fun. For example, say if you want to ask your Spanish friend how are you in Español. This will show you, how to ask it, and how to respond back after they answer the question.

                                  Asking Someone How Are They
¿Cómo Estás (y tú)?                       Informal

How are you? (And You?)
¿Cómo está (y Udsted)?                  Formal
¿Qué tal?                            Informal/formal

In Spanish, and English, it’s only right to ask the person, “and you”. But in Spanish you can see that there is an “informal” way to say, “how are you?” and a formal way to say it too. For a friend or a family member, you would you use “Y tú”. Though when you are on a business trip, and you know a little Spanish, to show respect, you would use “Y Usted” to greet the person your meeting with. Or on the other hand you could always use “Qué Tal” if you are more comfortable with that saying then the other two.


                    Responding Back

If you are asked one of these Spanish Questions, you should be able to response back to the person speaking. The table below will show you how to response back to “Qué Tal, Cómo Estás, or Cómo Está.


                                                    Reponding To ”¿ Qué Tal?”
(Muy) Bein, gracias.
(Very) Good, Thank you.
Más o menos. = Regular

(Muy) Mal. = Terrible
(Very) Bad
… Enfermo/a.
…. Chill
…. Happy

After you have told the person how you feel, you always end with “Gracias”. It’s common curtsy to end with a thank you in Spanish. Below the video will show you how to pronounce "how are you?" in español. This is how you would greet a friend.