How to hold a basic conversation

By Anthony Buchanico and Teige Dougherty
To hold an actual conversation, you may want to learn a few basic questions to keep the conversation alive and to learn a few things as well. You may want to know how the persons doing, whats their name, what the day/date is and others. If you want to know the questions you should also know how to answer these questions as well. Below are a few phrases and there answers as well.

Qué Tal/ Comó va/ Comó esta - How are you?
Muy bien/ Maso Menos/ Malo - Very good/ so-so/ bad

¿Cuantos anós teines? - What is your age
Tengo (your age) anos - I am ___ years.

¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy? - What is the date
La fecha es (the date). the date is ___

¿Cual es la hoy? - What is today
Hoy es__ - Today is.

There are many other phrases you could ask people while in a conversation. These are just some more important phrases to get you started.

Shootin' the breeze with Anthony and Teige.

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

Muy bien. ¿Y tú?

Bien. ¿Cuantos anos tienes?

Tengo catorce anos. ¿Y tú?

Tengo tres anos.


Si, si.

¿Cual es la hoy, Teige?
What is today Teige?

 La hoy es lunes.
The day is Monday

¡Ah, gracias y adios!
Ah, thank you and goodbye!