How to Lie with Statistics: Book Meeting 1

Podcast 1
(read chapters 1, 2, and 3)​
​Group Members
  • Nia Hammond
  • Alexis Mccormick 
  • Alaina Silverman
  • Monisha Das
  • What is "average"?
  • Different surveys
  • Visual graphs
There were no points of conflict because we all agreed that there is never that much honesty in numbers.

We think that government knows that certain data is misleading and we were wondering if they will do something about it?

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Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Good discussion, but your podcast seems to start mid-thought without any real context of what you'll be discussing (editing issue?). Also, towards the end there were a lot of loud noises. Perhaps something was hitting the mic?

For next time, please respond to the following questions: <ol> <li>Choose one of the quotations inside the front cover and discuss how it relates to the Introduction.</li> <li>Put the second paragraph on Page 18 (“A river cannot….”) into your own words.</li> <li>What is the advantage of a stratified random sample and what difficulties does it pose, according to this chapter?</li> <li>What does the author mean on Page 45 when he says, “Hardly anybody is exactly normal in any way…?”</li> </ol>

Finally, when discussing chapters 3, 5, or 6, incorporate the following article into your discussion:

Also, each member of your group should find an article online containing a misleading graph and discuss it during the podcast (be sure to talk about why it’s misleading!). Be sure to include a link to all articles in the text of your post of the podcast that corresponds to chapters 3, 5, or 6.