How To Lie With Statistics: Recording #2

Bailey, Nomi, and Jian were all present in this discussion.

During the discussion we brought up some of the questions that were asked about after our first podcast. Then we discussed chapters four and five. They were all about how averages can skew or balance a normal distribution, and how a graph can be manipulated to favor a standpoint. I don't have my group mates' links to the articles they used, but we talked about it in the podcast. We all talked about our personal favorite way to look at averaging different situations, and brought up lots of examples where one type of average would be better for the situations, or that would not be manipulated by outlier data. I don't believe there were many questions after the discussion.

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Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Much better second podcast, but you still have distracting eating and background noises. No new questions for next time.

Don’t forget, your post should also include the following: <ul> <li>Group members present during the discussion</li> <li>What your club discussed</li> <li>How you discussed it</li> <li>Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion</li> <li>Questions that came up as a result of the discussion</li> </ul>