How to Lie with Statistics BM Part 2

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Arshelle (AAC audio)

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Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Good second podcast. Some distracting phone noises. It’s sometimes hard to hear everyone. Why did you skip chapters? Why didn't you include any research? I would like to hear more True and Jordyn.

Don’t forget, your post should also include the following: <ul> <li>Group members present during the discussion</li> <li>What your club discussed</li> <li>How you discussed it</li> <li>Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion</li> <li>Questions that came up as a result of the discussion</li> </ul>

For next time, please respond to the following questions: <ol> <li>The author suggests that some reported differences may not be real differences at all and others, even though they can be shown to be real differences, should still be ignored. Explain how each of these two situations can arise and give an example of each.</li> <li>What is a semi-attached figure?</li> <li>List several kinds of correlation that might lead to post hoc reasoning.</li> </ol>