How to Lie With Statistics Pt. 3 (Finale)

This is podcast 3 of a 3-podcast series that dissects the novel, "How To Lie With Statistics" by Darrell Huff. The book itself explores the various ways that statistics are altered and used outright incorrectly to project a certain image, convey a certain feeling, or produce a certain outcome within the masses. 
In this series, Stephanie Dyson, Dillon Hersey, Maggie Clampet-Lundquist and Sean Morris look into the various themes that comprise the book and dissect what this means, not only for their high school stats class, but for the world around them.

In this podcast: 
We looked at Chapters 8-10, closing out the book and the project with out final thoughts on the novel. We also took the chance to connect some of our knowledge gained from HtLwS to other classes that we're taking. Overall, we found the project as a whole to be our favorite math benchmark to date (because we did so little math, but learned so much more than we intended) and were pleased with the ending. Now, it's time to apply all of this knowledge to the real world. 
In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed our podcasts. Look at the next blog post for a compilation of all three!

Music is provided for free by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment's debut album, "Surf", which dropped May 2015.

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