How To Make Sautéed Garlic Pepper String Beans

Instructions for making sautéed garlic, pepper string beans:


-Vegetable oil
-String beans
-Black pepper

1. Pour vegetable oil in a frying about the size of a quarter.
2. Lift the pan and move it around so that the vegetable oil coats the surface of the pan.
3. Add a spoonful of garlic to the oil.
4. Move the garlic around the pan same as the vegetable oil and let it simmer.
5. Pour string beans into the pan and cover them.
6. Take the cover off and move the string beans off with a spatula, fork, etc. and add black pepper
7. Let the string beans become a nice green and turn the pan off.
8. Enjoy!

Food Analysis:
I feel that my dish would only be considered "processed" because of the vegetable oil unnatural additives and properties.  The vegetable oil is taken through a lengthy process before being sold to supermarkets across the country.  Other than that, my dish is pretty healthy.  It is a vegetable and contains natural ingredients such as garlic and black pepper.

The dish is not fattening because it is vegetable-based.  Also, the garnishes and seasonings are natural and do not contain any added chemicals, additives, etc.  It also helps with bowel movement because of it's vegetational state.  If eaten too much, there will be limited to no waste inside of the body.

I think that the food mostly comes from the Midwestern part of the country.  This part of the country is the most occupied with crops used to grow fruits and vegetables.  The food is conventionally grow but its organic counterpart can be purchased at stores that whole foods like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc. for a slightly inflated price.

This dish is better than any fast food that can be purchased.  This dish is healthier because of the lack of fats, oils, grease, processed additives and extra chemicals.  The only way that this dish can be used to make money is by the company it was made by or if the cook decides to sell it.

Since the food started on a farm, it had to be grown and washed by selling to different grocery stores.  Then the consumers buy those vegetables and take them home for preparation.  The problem is that it was taken through a lengthy process to be bought and eaten so if you were to grow your own string beans, garlic and pepper, you'll be saving gas from going to the grocery store and the money that you were gonna pay for the groceries.

Personal Reflection:

From this unit, I learned that some people do not have access to healthy foods because of their geographic location and their income.  Healthy foods are expensive compared to fast food which are seen as a way to not break the bank and feed yourself and the family, if any.  While realizing this, I am glad that I was taught good eating habits such as eating vegetables and starches and not just fats, oils and grease.

I also learned that the essential food knowledge that children should learn has to start at home.  With good knowledge on food, the child can take it everywhere they go and share it with others who may not be as informed.  The opposite can happen with little to no food knowledge which results in carrying bad habits throughout the course of life and imposing those habits unto others.  We all need to learn the basics of food in order live healthier lives.  That in turn will promote better living and in turn a happier nation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.35.22 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.35.22 PM