How to Save A Life!

​It is not unusual for teens to have some thoughts of dying. However, such thoughts can be problematic if a teenager begins to feel and express them frequently. Addressing these feelings as early as possible is important in preventing an actual teen suicide. The mental health portion of treatment for suicidal teens includes an evaluation of the teenager’s life leading up to the suicide attempt, as well as an evaluation of the family and home situation. These factors are important parts of determining the teen’s individual needs, as well as figuring out which treatment options would work best with the teenager’s situation.

Three different ways of dealing with suicidal attempts are as follows:

Individual therapy. This is suicide treatment that involves therapy just for the teenager to help him or her work through feelings and suicidal thoughts.

Family therapy. Sometimes family therapy works best in instances of teen suicide treatment. This can provide a supportive environment for the teenager, as well as help the family learn how to cope with the problem and work together.

Hospitalization. In some cases, it is necessary to provide a teenager with a secure, safe and constantly supervised environment. Most in-patient suicide treatment includes therapeutic aspects, and offers the kind of supervision that might be necessary in extreme cases.

One of the most important aspects of teen suicide prevention is support. The teenager needs to know that you support and love him or her, and that you are willing to help him or her find hope in life again. One of the most effective ways to prevent teen suicide is to recognize the signs of suicidal thoughts and feelings, and seek professional help. Some of the most effective teen suicide prevention programs consist of identifying and treating the following problems: 

  • Mental and learning disorders 
  • Substance abuse problems 
  • Problems dealing with stress 
  • Behavior Problems (such as controlling aggressive and impulsive behavior)

All of the above issues can be difficult for a teenager to cope with, leading to helplessness and discouragement, which in turn can turn to self-destructive thoughts in order to make an escape from the seemingly insurmountable pressures of life. Getting help for underlying problems, which almost always include teen depression can lead to more effective teen suicide prevention. Your support as a teenager you know enters therapy can help him or her more effectively recover and know that there are people who want to help him or her deal with the issues of life.

Teen suicide is a very real danger, and heeding the warning signs can truly save a life.

In my next blog I will be seeking out related issues to teen suicide such as substance abuse, family income, depression, and bulling.

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