Human Evolution Through Meat

Q: How does the point in which humans started to eat meat affect the way of evolution?

The world in which we live in has many mysteries. One of the things we never think about is how we first became meat eaters. It is said that the first meat eating humanoids date back 2.5 million years ago. That is just long enough to teach us everything we know about the animals we eat, and possibly even change throughout evolution because of it.

There are many reasons why a person would need to include new things into their diet. One of those reasons is survival. Scientist Patricia McBroom of the organization, Public Affairs gave their reason behind why human ancestors began to include meat. “Human ancestors who roamed the dry and open savannas of Africa about 2 million years ago routinely began to include meat in their diets to compensate for a serious decline in the quality of plant foods”, University of California, Berkeley. 2 million years ago the loss of some plant life was said to be among the Earth. With the Ice Ages end different plant life was killed, and humans were left were hardly any plant life in which they felt contained the nutrients they believed they needed. This led to a diet of meat, which was full of nutrients that provided help through human evolution, for example the growth of the brain.