Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

At the Beginning of my Sophomore year at Science leadership academy, I had an English 2 and World history class with Joshua Block, I didn’t walk into the classroom with the same understanding the beginning of the year that I’m walking out of with at the end of year, I walked in with a local understanding and mindset of the things happening around me and my concern for world rights and civil rights weren’t as strong. We’ve covered everything from poetry, to global education.

One of the things I’ve learned this year is poetry is definitely a form of self expression. In English class we covered a poetry unit, expanding on how you write poetry, what’s the meaning of it and what it does to help a person. We did a project called “A Poem a day”... which we made a poem every day for a week. A Riff, ode, I was raised by, Found poem, and an HAIKU poem. Out of every poem that I created. I was most attached to my I was raised By & Ode Poem.

“I was raised by that 100m mark,

The chance to take that Win, for lost, not for the team.. but for yourself”

A quote from my I was raised by poem I wrote during the year, before this year I was never the one to display what I love most, or my environment whenever we had to talk about “ourselves”. I’ve ran almost my entire life and never talked about it, never talked about how nervous it made me, how much it isn’t a team sport, I found this as a better way to express myself.

It's thin, skinny, like it's been taking Zumba classes.

             Shear dark skin, it's my black best friend.

             I wish It'll spend more time with me, but good times always has an end it.

             My gateway to connect to people, the music it plays are like stories, and I love listening,”

             Describing things weren’t always my best ability to writing anything, especially to the last detail. These are a couple of lines from my Ode poem, describing something that you love, something that you see everyday or someone. Describing something in the most creative way possible, I had to use my imagination to the best standards I could've thought of, I was describing my Iphone in this poem, from what it does and how it looks like.

During the year we’ve learned that it’s always important to Defend yourself with evidence, this year in history class we did a trial on Multinational corporations and third world countries regarding the workers and how poorly they’re treated with the labor handed to them and the poor pay that third world country workers receive, who's the most Guilty? Well we did a trial debating the same question, The poor country Elites? the ones who look over the poor workers, watch them work for outside countries but does nothing about it? Multinational Corporations, the ones who pay these third world country elites to do their dirty work, but claims that they aren’t aware of what’s happening behind closed doors?

“We have no jurisdiction over the country or factories, all we do is make contracts with factory owners

Multinational Corporation

You admitted that you with your own two feet walked and applied for these factory jobs.

Poor workers

Yes you help the poor countries out of your pockets, but you also contribute to their sweatshop lives

These are just a couple of quotes from the trial of the multinational corporations, the different perspectives and views of different sides of each story, what you did and said to Defend yourself with Evidence.

During the year we had to keep a track of our thoughts in an english and history journal, but during the year in our English journal #39, we were talking about Freedom, Here’s a quote from my Journal My opinion and thoughts on this journal surrounded around Freedom, expressing how much we need it, when it isn’t given to us, how we live life.

As we were talking about Art, and how art is created. What we do to make art. It’s so abstract, anything could be art. I believe that art is a very effective form of expression oneself, In my Journal #43

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