Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

One of SLA’s core values are to be able to reflect on the work you have done. This year I done this have more than your fingers and toes can count, projects that I am proud to call mine. But as a struggling student there are also work  which is not good, but it  have helped me get to the good ones. I have jumped from poetry to sweatshops nearly everything in the past months of working with Mr.Block. The best part of it I didn’t write for a grade I wrote to express what I was feeling.

One day I wrote a journal entry answering a question that was always going threw my head. On the board of our english journal read “​Why do humans so often treat each others badly? And ....  What different thing change this cycle of negative behavior towards others.”  As a child growing up in the 90’s generation I have to deal with those who judge others a lot. I always wonder why something that someone else is doing affects someone else. The kids I have to grow up with leaves me with questions I do not even know if there is an answer to. Something I was raised around is “Sticks and stones may break your bone, but words will never hurt.”  I had a mouth full of things to write down for this journal! One of the ones I loved. (To read everything I wrote you can click here (English Journal 6 ) )

Thew out this year I have learned a general understanding that can make my life easier. The grades you receive never reflect your intelligence, It reflects your work ethic. To me this means that I have way more understanding on something I just don’t express it. I maybe one of the nerves writes I know. I have that general understanding on a topic, but sometimes I don’t always know how to express it. As I grow and I reach my college education level I now know I need to express myself a little more. For my younger cousins and or any other younger person I would love to them to know

I would never imagining learning so much from a teacher who teaching me two different subjects. Mr. Block is my wonderful history and english teacher.  Mr.Block has help me open my eyes in the world in such ways you wouldn't believe it. This has left me with not only understandings on the world but on my own work. As a student who has had a tough time in english and history I would never expect there is not only a fun way to learn but also an understanding way. I knew about the wonderful work Mr.Block has done because of one of his former students, but boy she didn’t inform me about this.

Here is some links to my work