Humanities Portfolio 2012

Perspective changes everything and we always need to be aware of how perspective influences us...

 Perspective is always there and what keeps are minds aware. In English class Mr. Block always made sure we as his students always see or look at things in perspective. Perspective is needed when learning because no one can look at anything in one perspective because if you are, then you will really learn nothing at all.

In class we had to use perspective when we were looking through the “Feminist Lenses”. We had to look through situations in history through different lenses because "through different lenses,what do we discover?" We had to look through it as a woman or man. How would they see the situation? It really pulled everyone from their seats because you had to rewire you brain to think as a woman who was all about woman empowerment or as man who saw that all women do was wrong. It helped keep the mind dynamic because you had to switch roles fast when playing in the Feminist Lens.

One of the assignments I had to use perspective was my play I wrote for Philadelphia Young Playwrights.  I wrote about two girls who are a millions miles away from each other and have completely different lives meet and bond over having the stress of SAT. I had to use perspective in this because I am a sophomore and have never taken the SAT before so I had to have my character play the role of someone preparing for it. It was hard at first since I didn’t know how a person would feel. Then I remember watching a documentary about Korean students preparing for the entrance exams in college. I could see the nervousness in their face because this one test can determine your whole future. I really wanted to show how “Behind closed door there are a hidden world full of secrets.” I wanted to show how stressful the SAT could be and resulted in life and death for a lot of students. I played off that emotion and kept on playing with it. It helped as I wrote for my other characters and had to change my perspective as a daughter, mother, and an abuser father. It helped because I continually had to change perspective to write for my characters. I had to play their mindset and the history behind their lives. That was one of the greatest time I had ever had to change and use perspective like that.

In another time I had to look at things in perspective but also using art. We had to create a dance for “The Art In The Open” for the Leah Stein Dance Company. I had to use perspective because I had to see how choreography would look through my eyes but also my partners and the audience because “art can be the most powerful language." I had to make sure that the audience could see the choreography at all times and continually changes are positions. We also had to make sure the audience heard and understand out story behind the dancing and why we choose specific moves. That is a time we had to incorporate art into our perspective.

Another piece that I though that would use perspective was my French/Haitian Revolution Role Play. I felt this one also use perspective because we all had to play roles of people who existed during that time because "every character played a role in the revolution." This role play had to use perspective because everyone constantly changed roles and had to speak and think for their character. We had to use perspective because we had to see a situation through their eyes and not their own.

For our English class we had to start a Poetry blog. It was difficult at first because " I would just enjoy reading it but never capable of writing it." At first it was okay because the poems were easy to write about. Then it got really hard because we had to write an ode to inanimate objects. I choose a clock and I had to write about a deeper meaning a clock had. I had to look at it from a perspective in an artful manner, which was hard because it wasn't me at all. But it challenged me to push out of my box and do something more creative. Writing from a perspective of what is the message behind a clock helped my writing become more creative.

 Overall I have learned many things in Mr. Block class. But perspective is one the lessons that stood out to me. It will be something I will use for the future. Perspective is what everyone needs to see life in a different light. Everything I had to do or create in Mr. Block class has taught me that. I am thankful for all the opportunities we had to learn that and everything we got to do. This has been a great sophomore year that I will never forget. 

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 2.29.52 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 2.29.52 PM