Humanities Portfolo 2012

At the beginning of this year. the very first day Mr.block assigned us a paper “English B” were he wanted us to go home an just wright about us i was very skeptical about the year as the year went on we tested our artistic skills along with our creative skills. One of the main things we did was things with creativity in our individual minds let us express our personalities. like from my descriptive essay even’t thought i didn’t know it i had the idea of it from the very start of this year. when we were made wright a descriptive paper.”“Ok men now it’s time to force owe way into this crested place. Watch your step here there could be traps anywhere.” As I said that ten men fall into the dark abuse of death. “Well we came here we knew there would be losses now lets keep going.” As we turn the corner a large bone monster is floating at the bottom of a frozen pillar using a frost to stay in the air. ”Attack it” As we all charged in it yelled bone storm and started to spin like a top ripping throw any in its way luckily the rangers were able to kill him. As we reformed the team we plunged deeper into the citadel were confronted with more and more challenges. But the worst of all was when we need to get a war gunship up to the ramparts to continue thrown the citadel.” (Descriptive essay) this was a very different form of assignment it taught me that i didn’t need to follow a set structure for every thing and that no mater what i wright about it would be respected in the class as a whole. Another time that we showed our personalities through creativity was when Mr.Block had the Young Philly Playwrights come in and let us wright plays.Scene 3 Start- The Bounty.
(sitting around a campfire.)
Well Leo your skill has got better.
thanks hey Zack you never told me how you were hired to the staff of the castle i know you were made in to my guard by my father but there is not much more to the story.
its not a very impressive story.
I don’t care i just want to know.
when i was 12 years old i was poor and homeless i walked up the steps of a old Church that i had used for shelter but the members of the Catholic Church had started to rebilled it when i was out hunting when i walked through the door a member of the church grabbed me up and through me down the steps as your mother carried me to the castle. there she let me stay and serve out my life as a guard.

(Enter left Bounty Hunter)
Bounty Hunter-
well isn’t that a nice story to bad you will not get to tell it again time for you to die.

(Zack Draws his sword)
so the Catholic Church got a dog to do there dirty work!
Bounty Hunter-
dog is it? well ain’t that nice.
Leo go and hide.
Bounty Hunter-
You will not get away
(Bounty Hunter Draws his sword)
Neither will you!Time to die!
(The Battle Starts)
(Zack Dose Multiple power attacks)
(Bounty Hunter jumps back and deflects)
(Zack Charges at the Bounty Hunter Cutting wildly with the sword cutting the bounty hunters Armor)
(Bounty Hunter Calls for back up)
(bandits Jump out of the trees)
Bounty Hunter-now kill this fool and get the kid! a loud enraged voice.)
(Bandits all at once)-
yes my lord.
Fine then i will release my restraints. (Zack Rips his shirt opine and unhooks 2 heavy iron plates from his chest and takes his iron leg plats off.)
Now i can play for real. (His voice Drops in to a dark tone)
(the fight started up once more)
hes a monster.(looks back to the Bounty Hunter) were being distorted out hear you ant Payne me enough to get my men killed were falling back.
Bounty Hunter-
you try to run and i will kill you....ehh
you will all die if you stay!
All bandits-
RUN (as they start to run away the Bounty Hunter pulls a bow and start shooting them)
(Zack Charges past the Bandits Stabbing the Bounty Hunter killing him as the Bounty Hunter shoves a knife into Zack)
Scene 3 Ends (From my play wright)this a fun assignment that got us to express to the full existent of our minds our own personality with everyone doing there own thing we were abele to find a new personality for everyone. another main part of the year a struggle of conflicting ideas. like in my descriptive essay a lot of people were writhing about real experiences but i created a world to play with and made up people for it. Then on to the Dark Lord Gokuen. When we get there he was waiting for us when we charge agents him he starts to kill all the men we have. Then he froze me in ice. Then attacked Gottoms as they fought for a while showing a display of devastating power. As he stabs Gottoms in the chest freezing Gottoms internal organs when I broke free I charged him and throwing the sharp blade flying like a boomerang at the dark lord as he deflects it I see a flare burst out of it. Then I charging at him as we sit in the middle of the field fitting he cast a dark spell on me I feel a dark shadow looming over me as I cast a bolt as green and blue hitting him to the grown. I pull my sword out putting it to his neck. I sad to him “you aren't event worth killing you will suffer in a world were you can be killed.” as I walked away from him I feel a paralyzing feeling to my back I look back at him. I see him casting a spell with dark Aura swarming around his hands then delivers his final bolt to me as I fall I hear him say “ you were worth killing ha ha ha ha” and that's why I'm here in the after life now. As the game over sign flashes and I get turned back into Sean.(from my descriptive essay) this was a part that i liked and i feel like it shows a lot of description and like i sad this quote shows that my ideas were differing from every one showing that i was individual and i released that i was very different from the people in the class by just the way i wrote things and my opinions about writhing. another point in the year when we got to wright things to show our conflicting ideas was in my Language auto biography i had a hard time wright ing this because it was about real life and i was always better at writhing fictional stores.The way that we are required to code switch from one dialect/language to another from standard English to an informal way of speaking like when I'm playing games Online with people I talk in Text talk like “wtf”, and “lol”. But if I were sending an email I would type in full sentences. If I’m in an interview, then I would talk formally or if I'm with an adult that I know get angry if I don’t use Standard English when they’re talking to me in a formal manner. But with people I consider friends then I joke around with them when I talk with them. Most of the time when I just meet someone, I will speak with them formally until I get to know them and their personality.
Then I will code switch to see what type of tone I can talk with them in so they don’t get offended. Sometimes I find that it is easier to always talk formal new people I meet but I don't want them to think I'm not enthusiastic when they're talking informal. When I go to a new place I don’t talk much but when I’m where I usually stay I talk a lot. The way that I speak changes with the setting that I find myself in. but now that I'm getting more comfortable about talking in public.  Now I still don’t talk much but I still don’t talk much. I think it is because I don’t want sound stupid that is why I don’t talk unless I’m asked a question then I talk to them but at first I just stay and lesson to the way they act then I know if I can just say anything around them.
    I would never talk to people if it weren’t for my brother Ed. When he first introduced me to his friends I was shy and didn’t want to talk. But when I meet his friend Lonnie he made it clear that I was not just going to sit there. He in colluded me in all of the activities like playing “super smash bros brawl”. When I first met him I was really quite and Lonnie's mom nicknamed me shadow because I never talked and I just stayed behind my brother. (from my Lang auto biography) it was hard for me to wright this because i never really talked about my own talking habits and way i started to speak out more but this thing forced me to talk about it and made me learn from other people. that is what i experienced this year.
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 2.40.40 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 2.40.40 PM