I'm better right?

Education is all I’ve ever been worried about, not because my parents would tell me that education is the key to success or that I wanted to get the most money when I found my ideal career, it’s just that my pursuit of of all things knowledgeable willed me to want to know everything about everything, even the smallest details.

Jackasses who go to school for other reasons are people I can’t really stand. “Oh I’m only in school until my football career takes off and I become the next Peyton Manning Cuz I’m Just that good.” Sit your ass the fuck down Kyle Carter who’s going to community college later this year, you are not that good and the statistical chance of you getting into the NFL is slim-shit cuz you can’t run or have the proper arm to be a quarterback. But all fun aside I hope the best for Kyle who will probably bald by the time he is 30 and will spend all of his days in a cubicle, yeah good luck throwing footballs with typist's cramp.

Speaking of Athletic, I’m 6’3 220 pounds, I can bench press more than my own weight. People always ask why I don’t become a linebacker or something but the answer is simple, playing sports does nothing for nobody. When was the last time that the guy who threw the discus farthest got up and saved the life of a newborn baby suffering from anemia? Or a wrestler like John Cena, when did he save a family of four stuck in a burning building? I feel like my physical body is just a bonus in life, my real saving grace is obviously my mind which allows me to comprehend and understand material better than the rest of the world.

It’s 3 a.m and I’m packing up to leave for my flight to Massachusetts. This is the last day I spend in Bozeman, Montana. From the day you step out of your house you get two choices, conform and become like everyone else have friends casting away any shots at being successful, or cast aside any social interactions I… crap I mean you will ever make. Yes I took the more saddening option but I refuse to be tethered to the ground by idiots who will never pass high school. They’re all so close-minded… The struggle of having both an academic and social mind is just impossible. But screw all of that.

I’m going to go to Harvard and eventually go to graduate school for law. That way when I become a Prosecutor I can berate people for their asinine actions and get paid for. Its a pension, great salary, and health benefits all for the price doing what I love. I’m going to see all those jerks in court on trial for committing stupid crimes like muggings and robberies. In that moment all of my social suffering will have been worth it.

I know what you guys are thinking “But there is so much more to law! helping people, giving out second chances!” second chances and help are for those who can make a difference in other peoples lives, not some drunk driver who ran over a mother and 2 of her three children orphaning the third one. Sometimes there are just too many reasons for people not to receive that second chance, and as a Prosecutor I plan to find out whether or not people deserve one.

I’ve got too many gripes with people, I throw up in my mouth a little every time something hypocritical happens, its amazing if I keep my breakfast down for more than a few hours.

I know you all have seen those people outside wearing the the T-shirts that say “Non-Conformist” or “Retro” or some shit about saving some obscure animal which is clearly not fit to survive in today’s modern environment. Those people have always ground my gears. They act as if they are outside of society because they aren’t conforming to the norms when in reality they are just the trendsetters changing the norms around which eventually everyone will catch on to.

I am going off on a rant. I never fit into social groups, not even the subpar ones. They all seemed so beneath me. That’s why I sit alone at lunch. That’s why people rarely talk to me. That’s why I’m rarely noticed even though I’m a physical behemoth. But that’s all gonna change, because people in college will be just as sophisticated as me, no more being forced into one group of one type of person. I won’t have to be all alone anymore. I’ll be with equals just like me, right?