I Am From

I'm from the never ending sound of the sirens speeding around the corner

the loud rican music playing from mini hondas driven by boricuas

breaking the necks of those young girls awaiting to grow up

awaiting for their insides to be ripped out and to be able to yell the various names of those running the corners

not knowing that the day that will happen will be the last day of their lives.

Im from the swaying back and forth on the race to reach the sky

become high but only enough to reach their dreams

little kids at the park trying to get away from the problems at home 

Im from the sound of words of pain being thrown by my parents because they no longer love each other

or do they

who knows

they leave and come as they please and but they don't realize that they hurt me and him

the little five year old about to start kindergarden, being left confused on why ?

the sound of slamming doors because maybe if its slammed hard enough then maybe the problems will die down and be left alone not brought up anymore so that they can return to their daily lives.

I am from the sound of the ball bouncing in his finger tips being passed dribbled, and shot only to miss

Miss the life he coulda had if he had just left it alone

not went looking for trouble

not went looking for a taste of his own medicine

and in the end only left to lay on a wheelchair for the rest of his life

if only he woulda walked away maybe 

but you see in this place their is no maybe's nor are their  any what if's or any second chances

you either move on to bigger and better things or you're stuck here for the rest of your life

you either leave behind the sound of gun shots at the park while you hear the sirens int he distant

you either leave or your stuck here wondering if maybe one day that person being taken away int he stretcher will be you

you either leave or you sit here and wonder what could have been of you if you had left.