I am from Maddie walls


I am from the big blue house at the hill,

That old front door that never opens.

I am from the big backyard which always

Held way to many kids.

The trampoline everyone wanted.

I am from secret attic trips, dyer rides,

 and roof top adventures.

 the craziest big brother ever.

I am from “but I gave her a pillow” and

 “you fell down again”.

I am from scootty shamaster, kiki, 

and grandmoms with a thousand names.

I am from big family get togethrs

And families stick together.

i am from ninja Barbies,

 toys in freezers CSI investigations.

I am from queen of the boys

And everyone’s princess.

I am from quiet corners

And sleeping standing up.

I am from the halls of an old cathiloc,

Strict straight stand still lines.

I am from long walks holding hand I love yous,

Best parents a kid could have

I am from love in good times and bad,

One big crazy family