I Really Like Your Shirt

(Sitting on a bed in a purple bedroom, stands up as if to greet someone)

Percy, s’that you? Hi. Well uh, thanks for coming. I guess-I mean, I'm not sure whatta say. You don't know who I am? Oops, sorry (laughs) Yeah, my name’s Cora. I’m seventeen an’ I live down the block. You should come an’ visit sometime. I know that my moms would enjoy that...they think that I don't have very many friends. But you’re my friend, right? Yess! I, uh, actually wanted to ask you about that, um, well I really like...your-your shirt. It’s my favorite color...green, like toads. (laughs nervously)

Okay, here's the thing. I really like you as a friend but I'm not sure if that’s enough for me. You make me sooo happy every time you’re around but I don't know if I do that happens to you. No no, don't say anything yet and stop moving around. Just sit and listen. I wish that we could become more than just fr-friends. I want to be able to call you an’ not think about what I’m going to say. I would talk to you like a diary, spilling out all of my feelings, good or bad. I want to be able to tell you everything and I want you to be able to do the same with me. I want to fill you up with happiness every time you see me. I want your eyes to be only for me an’ I want you to see me like your favorite stuffed animal, one that you have had forever but one that you will never let go of. I wish that you could fulfill my idea of a happily ever after. I’m a princess after all, but you wouldn't know th-that because you've never even acknowledged my presence before.

You make me crazy and insane. My mind goes sp-spinning whenever I see you. I can’t think str-straight and everything seems upside down. I see things that aren’t even there. I over analyze every move you make, think-thinking that it will mean something if you cough in my direction. Just tell me if it’s true. You know who I am, right? You know my name and you know about my life and you like me...even just as a fr-friend s’okay...Percy? Oh God, this is great...I've confessed my love to you and you just stand there. Are you even here anymore? What the hell just happened? Percy? (looks around) Percy? Stop hiding from me! Percy? Where are you? I don’t understand, you were right here and then you jus-just disappeared...and a toad? The room, the room...it’s making me huurrt...I can’t breath...Percy? What’s happening? Make it stop! Stop stop! Ugh, I should’ve just listened to Mom (mimicking her mom) drugs are bad, very bad for you...why’d we even think of doing this? Licking toads...ugh...been there done that...and never doing it again.