I See You 3

By: Williams, Alex, Kevin, Karim, Tyria Summary: In our 3rd podcast, We talked about What the author was trying to point out at the end pf the day, was she talking about her past and what it was like being a black women at that time, and how it was hard for her. She might try to make a point that people might have hard time as a kid but it will get better.

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Gabriella Torres (Student 2021)
Gabriella Torres

I learned a lot about the author and also the different idea the women wrote about whether it was personal or allowing readers to understand a topic that isn't spoken about as often. I liked how they started right away they didn't waste much time. they both built off of one another and allowed themselves to get each person time to speak.

Ari Burstein (Student 2021)
Ari Burstein
  1. I was able to learn new perspectives of looking at life through some of the quotes that they shared and their analyses of those quotes. I also learned more about The Color Purple, which was the book that their podcast was discussing.
  2. I thought they did a pretty good job with their production of the podcast. There were some background noises and a few pauses in the conversation, but besides that, the audio was very clear and they did an excellent job diving deeper into the reading as the podcast progressed. They also did a good job including everyone in the conversation.