I Survived

​That night I was awaken by a deafening crash. I sat up in my twin bed attempting to assure myself that it was nothing more than the illusion of the dream I’d awaken from. But then the booming crash was followed by another crash, only this time it didn’t leave a faint echo in my mind. I took a look at the clock on the front of my cable box, which read “2:33”. After falling asleep while watching a marathon of “I Survived” (which is a documentary show that interviews people who survived life threatening events) several hours prior, I was prepared for the worst. I slowly slid myself off the side of my bed, trying to avoid the humming of my springs which may alarm whosever in the house. As I stood beside my bed I became aware that I was on the third floor of my home, which was the highest floor. By the time I would reach the first floor, who knows what I’ll come face to face with. I tiptoed from my room to the top of the stairs where I knew one false move on any step could create a loud creaking sound alerting who or what ever entered my home. I tread along the edge of my steps with the tip of my toes trying not to make a sound. When I reached the bottom of my stairs, I stared at my mom’s door thinking. What if he’s already in here just waiting for me to walk by? Is he standing on the opposite side of the door sensing my fear? The more I thought, the faster my heart began to beat, so with hesitation, I twisted the knob on my mom’s door, slightly ajar enough to peek my head through. To my amazement, she was sound asleep with my younger brother and sister on each side. I wondered if she heard the same distinct crash I had minutes earlier. Was it only my imagination? I was hoping so, but I didn’t want to take any chances of falling asleep and waking up to a masked figure standing over me on the side my bed. I had to check downstairs as well to be sure. My mom had the habit of leaving her television on while she was asleep, and tonight wasn’t any different. As I began to close her door, I looked at her screen and noticed that she was watching the marathon of “I Survived” as well. My heart began to beat twice as fast, I couldn’t help but become paranoid at the fact that a stranger could still be in my home hiding behind any door within any shadow. I walked down my second floor hallway aware to walk on the right hand side because the floor wouldn’t creak.

As I stood at the top of the last flight of stairs, I stared into the darkness below me. The only light I could see was the moonlights’ reflection from my doors’ windowpane. I closed my eyes and slowly walked down every step until I reached the bottom. I began to open my eyes prepared for anything to come my way, but nothing was there. While I walked past the front door on my way to the kitchen, I felt a sharp chill come across my chest and arms. The cool air moved to the bottom of my bare feet, and then I knew it … the front door was recently opened. While walking I noticed the faint smell of marijuana the closer I came to the kitchen door, I knew someone was in the house now. I walked quietly in front of the kitchen door and noticed that it was slightly opened and the light was on. This was the moment I was waiting for; this was the moment of truth. The instant I pulled the handle to open the door, the light turned off. I took approximately three steps back to find the nearest lamp and when I did, I immediately twisted the handle. As soon as the light turned on I saw him, a black masked figure standing in the kitchen door way. He stared at me, I stared at him, as I looked down I noticed one of the several kitchen knives we owned in his left hand. The only part of his body I could see was his eyes, and the only expression I saw on in his eyes was genuine evil.  As he walked towards me I took steps back and the only thought that carried through my mind was that I may be telling the story tonight’s events on an episode of “I Survived”.