i write...- maddie walls

​i write... by Maddie Walls

i write to feel the rhythm of the keys dance under my finger tips. to hear the clicking that marks the release of thoughts that have hung heavy in my head waiting for the sweet and sacred moment were they flow through my hands and mark a moment of pure exploration that frees the mind of the weight that weighs so heavy on every action it makes. i write to state the things that i can't say the things the lips will not move to express. it comes out in an easy pouring motion sloppy at first until the mind settles into the pattern a flow a grove that gives the sense of purpose or meaning. a connection of the mind and soul that creates a picture not with paint or pen but words that mean nothing but everything all at once that drives ones to the point of joy and sorrow which each passing word. the joy that the meaning that you have been searching so hard for draws nearer to you with every key that you hit but the sorrow that it will all come to an end and may remain as words that the world many never understand but meant so much to you that you shake to the point of explosion. writing leads one to the point of insanity having to find a way to express hours days years of though into short simple sentences that take only small parts of your soul which you have put firmly into these some time meaningless thought. it then leads you on a roller coster of ups and downs through the inevitable writers blocks, distractions and trials that lay in the path to true expression. i write to make to the impossibly far away feeling of completion. the feeling that everything has been said and nothing has been left unsaid or explored. my simple true is that i will never reach that blissful release i search for but i write for if the one day comes that i can find it i am there to greet it with pure passion into my arms and accept my truth, my writer identity. this is why i wrote, write and will forever  continue writing…