Ibrahim Aldakhil's Capstone


For my Capstone project, I wanted to expand and share my knowledge on a topic that has changed my life; cancer. My only sister was diagnosed with Lymphoma 11 years ago and passed away after a two and a half year battle with the disease. Losing her had a tremendous impact on me and the time spent trying to cure her taught me valuable lessons that I want to share. My goal for this project is to make people aware of what cancer really is, how doctors treat it, and the impact it has on families and individuals. To meet those goals, I wanted to share a very personal story of moving to a new country to cure my sister’s cancer. Aside from the personal aspect, it includes detailed scientific information about the disease.

I decided to have my story put on a website so that anyone, no matter where they are, can access it and hopefully learn new things from my childhood experience. I also hope to inspire others to learn from their tragic experiences and become stronger individuals rather than giving in to depression. Writing this story was not easy; there were times when I re-lived my painful memories and felt emotionally uncomfortable to continue writing, but I was able to overcome that by reminding myself of my goal to support others. I sincerely hope that this story will help and inspire those who are struggling with life tragedies such as mine.


My Sister's Cancer: A Climacteric Experience