Identity and Belonging Podcast

My goals for the project, originally, was to have a very strong and meaningful piece about identity and how it can be misinterpreted, turned around and downright painful. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the hard hitting piece that I wanted. Instead I turned to my parents, I wanted to explore how identity is shaped in your early life and how that leads to a mutual generational identity. My parents grew up in vastly different communities and economic groups, but were still able to learn the same values and morals. To me that was fascinating and I wanted to know more about it. 

The process of making this podcast was very long and frustrating. As I mentioned in my previous podcast, it took a while for me to get the footage for my podcast. After I got my footage, I had to cut it down to ten minutes. Initially it seemed like it would be hard to do but as I got through the logging process I realized that a lot of the conversation wasn't relevant or usable. In the end I was had less than 8 minutes of usable footage. The last step was adding in music which was the easiest part. In the end I'm glad we did this project, although I wish I had more time, I like the podcast making part. 

Final Podcast

Comments (2)

Jaiyeola Omowamide (Student 2017)
Jaiyeola Omowamide

I love your dad's answer in the beginning. It was very grand and when I heard it it made me smile I also liked how you interviewed both your parents because it brings dynamic to the podcast I liked how you didn't have a specific story to tell but just a overall theme of identity because that brings many responses

I wished your opening narration had a bit more liveliness in it

Crystal Taylor (Student 2017)
Crystal Taylor

Kai, your podcast is so dope! One strength I can definitely say is the introduction, it sounded like the beginning of a BET movie but it was so professional! I love it. 3 Strengths- It was soo funny, engaging, and filled with information and different perspectives Recommendations- In the beginning, your mom was talking about the sacrifices of a mother and you cut it out. It would have been interesting to know what she was going to say.