Identity and Belonging Podcast

Interview_Podcast_Project - 13116, 10.38 PM
My goals for this podcast was to interview someone who had a story to tell, and would love to talk about themselves for a while. When I chose my interviewee because he is an immigrant from Spain, and he is also homosexual. I asked him about how this played a role on figuring out how he fit into society here in America as someone who is not born here or is of the minority.

When completing my assignment, the interview went extraordinarily well. I was obviously surprised by all the stories he had to offer, and the most difficult part of the assignment was choosing the audio clips that would make it into the final and the ones that would get deleted. It was hard to throw away such amazing audio footage because it seemed as if everything I had was absolutely amazing.

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Ona Brown (Student 2017)
Ona Brown

The Music was an excellent touch. You included it in good parts which allowed your ideas to come alive. I also loved your introduction, you gave me context and a clear description of what you were exploring. In addition the choosing an immigrant was different and since he was also a homosexual those two combined had a huge part on him finding his identity. Which was the whole basis for this project. Pepe's story was interesting and your narrations were clear. NICE JOB ALEX ! I'm Proud of you.