Identity and Belonging Podcast

My goal for this podcast was to to try to make something that I was proud of and something that would keep people  interested. I also trying to make something that could show my idea in well enough that even though when there would be times when you listen and seem like the topics did not relate they actually do.

I think what went well during the recording process was trying to get a story out of the person. I thought that the things that the person was telling me was really good as well it was interesting to hear and ask questions about. The stories that my interview as telling me went well with my thesis .and I think I did well connecting moments when It did not seem relevant together because it actually fits together.
Aldo Podcast

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Chiara Nemati (Student 2017)
Chiara Nemati

I really like the angle you took on this piece. I also enjoyed the way you took a bigger point and were able to break it down and get a story. I also enjoyed the consistency of the music (occurring before and after the speaker answered). I would suggest shorter breaks between questions. Overall it was a really interesting topic and I enjoyed your podcast.