Identity and Belonging Podcast

In both my advanced essay and podcast I discussed whether or not a person can change their identity. My goal for the podcast was to get as many interviews as I could and use all those interviews to show the listeners why I believe change doesn't exist. I didn't necessarily want to convince the listeners that I was right and they were wrong, I just wanted them to give another perspective and opinion a chance, and whether they believe me or not, that was up to them. Unfortunately, all my interviews were so great and full of information and stories that I was only able to use two. I made sure that I included the stories of my interviewees so that listeners could connect with them. If listeners can't connect with anything in my podcast, than they wouldn't be compelled to listen to the entire thing. 

The podcast itself took a long time to make, and was very frustrating. I probably listened to each interview five times, and the shortest interview I had was ten minutes, so you could understand my frustration of having to listen to the same thing over and over again for three hours. Next came the deciding factor of whether or not I wanted to use certain information/recording (because I had a lot of good stuff to use). Making a podcast definitely takes patience, and it's a lot of hard work that I was definitely was not anticipating. The final product turned out alright, but I know that I can do much better. The final product wasn't too bad considering it was my first podcast. 

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