Identity and Belonging Podcast - Chiara Nemati

My goal for this project was to share my fathers story about moving to America. He is an immigrant from Iran, who can here to study and escape the war. He ended up living here for more than half his life. I wanted to create a story that displayed the struggles that immigrants go through and help others see his journey to success. 

Overall, I think I created a nice piece. I was able to get the stories I wanted to share and structure them in a way that flowed. I had a little bit of difficulty with Garageband and feel that my editing skills can be improved on. My editing process was not the smoothest but writing out a script really helped me when I needed to cut information out and decide what to keep. 
baba english 3 Q2 BM - 1_29_16, 1.25 PM

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Michaela Peterson (Student 2017)
Michaela Peterson

Strengths: I liked the quote you used to open the podcast. I think it fits well with the theme. I really liked the fact that you chose music that matched a lot of what you were talking about. I really liked your father's incite into the world, and I thought you choose good clips to show that. Improvements: I think your audio could have been a little clearer