If Cinderella Was A Horror Film


We all know the fairytale Cinderella, and how it was always told to be this magical love story of how she met her Prince. But, in this quarter 4 benchmark, we decided to convert the original film to a horror/thriller film. We decided to do this because we wanted to put a different twist on it. To show how we did this, we created a movie trailer with different aspects of the film to show how it would look like a horror. In a horror movie, there’s always some type of dark lighting, creepy music, creepy sound effects and more.      

We chose to darken up the filter of the clips to make the trailer look more spooky. Although trailers are more catchy when there's voices, instead of making the video talk, we decided to add words. We did this because since we chose to use the older version of Cinderella, we wanted to make the trailer have sort of a vintage look to it as well. 
(Lexi and Tatiana)