Ijustice Avery Capstone

Baseball has always been a big part of my life, so I wanted my capstone to have something to do with baseball. After some thinking I decided to have a youth baseball clinic to try to give the new young players things to work on to make them better players. I organized it so I could have a younger group which consisted of kids from grades 3-5 and an older group which consisted of kids from grades 6-8. After deciding what my capstone would be and who it would be open to, there was a long process that followed so my capstone would be complete.

First, I had to find a spot to hold my event. My old baseball coach has an indoor baseball facility so I felt like that would be the best place to have it. To let people know about my capstone I had to do some advertising. I thought it would be best for me to make a flyer and pass it out to various teams and parents. I did some research and found out when teams would be practicing and where. After I gathered this information I went around to these practices and gave my flyer to team coaches and parents and I explained what my event would consist of. I also had people myself included post about the event on social media. After the advertising aspect of my capstone was complete, the organizing part had to start. I had to design what I would be doing in my event. I did some research and found some good drills for youth players and I found a way to incorporate them into my event. I realized that with all the things I would be doing it would be a lot for one person to handle. So I asked some of my friends who play baseball to help me run the event. I continued to advertise for my event until the week before I held it. After all of that the only thing that I had to do was hold my event.

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Screenshot 2018-05-11 at 10.04.07 AM

Capstone Annotated Bibliography

“5 Tips For Running A Great Baseball Camp.” Baseball Brains, 21 Nov. 2016, www.baseballbrains.net/5-tips-for-running-a-great-baseball-camp/.

This source could be very helpful for the organization part of my clinic. It basically tells you the steps to follow to hold  successful baseball clinic or event. Some of the things it told me to do was get plenty of people committed to help you during your event, do not over price it, reach out to baseball organizations in your area to promote the event, plan out every part of your event and know how much time you have. I find that this source is reliable because the organization that wrote this article holds baseball clinics of their own.

“10 great hitting tips for youth baseball players.” Youth1, 13 Mar. 2017, youth1.com/baseball/1144317823-10-great-hittingtips-youth-baseball-players#.

This sources provides information on hitting. Hitting is going to be one of the focus points in my baseball clinic so this source can be very useful. I could teach the player everything I know on hitting and give them some tips from this source. This source can also tell me what to look for in a hitter swing. Any small cretics can be crucial in a hitters swing. Hitting a baseball in one of the hardest things to do in sports so with any tips and drills will be very useful for a hitter.

Aacap. Children And Sports, www.aacap.org/aacap/families_and_youth/facts_for_families/Facts_for_Families_Pages/Children_And_Sports_61.aspx.

This source focuses on all the positive things that children gain from playing sports. I choose this source because it provides information that relates to my capstone and I would like to learn as much as I can about the positive and negative effect that sports has on children just to get a better understanding of my topic. This source also talks about how the parents have to be involved with their child’s sports career. A parent or parents plays a very important role in their child’s development in sports

“Defensive Linup Strategies For Youth Baseball.” PRO TIPS by DICK'S Sporting Goods, 11 May 2017, protips.dickssportinggoods.com/sports-and-activities/baseball/defensive-lineup-strategies-for-youth-baseball.

I found this source very useful because it talks about what to look for in a player to fill each position in the field and where to put them in the batting lineup. This can help me point out things in players that I see and I could give them advice on where I think they would fit best on a baseball field. This source focuses on the defensive end of baseball. My clinic is going to be mostly on fielding and hitting so this source will come in handy.

Miner, Julianna W. “Why 70 percent of kids quit sports by age 13.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 1 June 2016, www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2016/06/01/why-70-percent-of-kids-quit-sports-by-age-13/?utm_term=.a369c1641bd3.

This source talks about why kids usually quit sports by the time they are a teenager. I choose this source because the things that this article says are the things I should try to avoid. According to this source one of the main reasons kids quit sports is because it is not fun because it is not designed to be. With that being said I want to try to make my clinic serious but also have fun parts. I think this will be a very good learning experience for the kids and also for myself.

“Nutrition tips for youth baseball players, families.” Triple Crown Sports News, www.triplecrownsportsmedia.com/nutrition-tips-for-youth-baseball-players-families/.

This source will be useful because it will help me with the teaching aspect of my baseball clinic. This source focuses on the nutrition of youth athletes. This could also be a learning experience for me. Teaching the young players about nutrition, drills, fitness, and the mental aspect of the game could also help me and the way I play. I could use some of the things I teach to improve my game.

GraphX, http://coyote6.com Coyote6. “One Reason So Many Youth Baseball Players Are Injured.” Baseball Think Tank, 22 Sept. 2017, baseballthinktank.com/one-reason-so-many-youth-baseball-players-are-injured.

I selected this source because this source talks about how most youth players get injured. It also talks about how to prevent injuries for youth players. I think this source will be useful because not only do I want to run drills and help kids with their baseball skills but I also want to teach them new things and how to take care of their bodies and stay healthy. I want to teach them certain stretches for the parts of the body that baseball stresses the most. This source provides very quality information on how youth athletes get hurt and how to prevent injuries.

“Preseason Training for Youth Baseball Players : Strength & Conditioning Journal.” LWW, journals.lww.com/nsca-scj/Fulltext/2013/06000/Preseason_Training_for_Youth_Baseball_Players.9.aspx.

This source provides me with a scheduled training routine that would be helpful for youth baseball players. The workouts that are provided focus on one specific body part or muscle group related to baseball each day. For example you train your rotator cuff on monday, then on tuesday you train your legs. This source also provide you with some drills you could do to get your arms stronger so you can throw harder. These all are things that I could use or mention in the baseball clinic that I will hold. I found this source very helpful because it really relates to what I would be teaching.

Thomas, Jessica L. Youth sport programs: an avenue to foster positive youth development. areas.fmh.utl.pt/~arosado/Repositorio/ficheiros/LONGTERM/Ref11.pdf.

This source provides information about the positive and negative effects of sports on the youth. With my capstone revolving around kids and sports I thought it would be a good thing for me to read about what kids turn to and what pushes them away about sports. I found it very useful how the author of this article went into detail on the positives and negatives that kids encounter while playing sports. To be specific they mentioned Emotional psychological development, social development, adult influences, program design, intellectual development, and many more factors.

TroskyBaseball247. “TroskyBaseball247.” YouTube, YouTube, www.youtube.com/user/TroskyBaseball247/videos.

For my capstone this source could be very useful. It is a youtube channel named “TroskyBaseball247.” The channel is run by coach Nate Trosky who is a baseball instructor. The channel consist of a lot of baseball drills and workouts that I could use in the clinic that I will hold for my capstone. This doesn’t only help me by providing me with things that I can use in my clinic but it also helps me on how to present and explain those drills and only things to the player that will participating in my baseball clinic