For my ILP I wanted to do something interesting and fun. I thought I'd do something with sports, specifically soccer. I met with Jeremy and told me to look up contact information. After going to some collages' websites and gathering contact information, I told Jeremy about it and he said to work on and e-mail to send them. I e-mailed the athletics program at Drexel and U Penn on October 7th, saying that I wanted to intern at their soccer training program. I haven't heard back from them. Currently I am working on sending a second email. I want to meet with Jeremy this Wednesday and see if there's another way I could contact them or if there's anything else I can do.

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Erin Giorgio (Teacher)
Erin Giorgio

Hi Jorin,

This is a great idea for an ILP as it involves your passion for sports. As mentioned yesterday in advisory, I would recommend going over to Drexel's athletic department to see if you could find out the person who you need to contact. Sometimes going in person makes a difference and people might be more willing to help you out.