ILP- Arch Street Preschool

Day Started- October 29,2014 
As soon as I arrived, Liz introduced herself and showed me around. It was a very nice school and seemed to be a caring environment. Once she showed me around, I had the choice to pick which job I wanted for the day; I chose to play with the children. By the time I got there (1:30) the kids were still sleeping, so she brought two other people and I into her office to review the handbook when being in environment with children. It was simple, then children started to wake up and I was assigned to just play with them, watch them, basically keep them company. It was a simple task and I really enjoed it. The children were really nice and cute. Very cute. Then, I left at 3. 

November 5, 2014 
Today was my second day of voluneteering and it was an easy day. I helped put a little boy named, William, to sleep and after, we sat together and he ate his lunch. I also played with Maxamillion- he has a disorder- and he was alittle wild, but i understood his reason. At times it was hard to communicate, but I tried my best to keep him calm. I then left at 3:15. 

November 12, 2014