ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I am volunteering at my previous school Kearny Elementary/Middle School located on 6th and Fairmount. So far I have went there two times and things have been going great. Its nice to see some of my old teachers and principle and help my previous school's community out the best way I can. I am looking forward to helping Kearny's basketball team and other athletics programs involving the students. Maybe an assistant coach spot, which I have hands on experience with by previously having this job with my basketball unit outside of school. One thing that stood out to me while volunteering for these 2 days, was how much my school has changed since I left. With most of the teachers leaving and Kearny having to replace them with new ones, a lot has changed, but I'm prepared to adapt all over again during my time there for ILP. I feel its important for me to come every Wednesday and have fun doing my time with the school I attended as a young boy to a young adult!