ILP Launch!

        I am interning with Project 440's managing director. Project ​440 is an organization focused on strengthening the music community. I was interested in this association because of a project last year in English where I focused on music and researched Project 440 and other associations focused on music.
        I first contacted the director in hopes of starting a conversation about an internship. I had known him from the All City High School Orchestra and was excited to learn more about what I could do to create this connection. It turns out he was extremely busy and had to forward me to the managing director. After a good amount of more communication, it was decided that we'd meet on Wednesday, October 7, to meet and discuss some projects I could work on. This meeting had to be postponed to the following Wednesday, October 14, because of an emergency on her side.
        We met in a shared office space and finalized email lists for the All City Orchestra on mailchimp. These will be used for events such as concerts. After sending two emails with our lists (yay!), we talked about two other projects- redesigning their website and creating more email lists for All City alumni which might lead to fundraising and feedback.
        Overall I was proud that I could connect with my host and felt that I was being helpful and productive. I’m looking forward to our next meeting and possibly working with the Academy of Music!

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