Imani Holness Capstone


For my senior project, I didn’t want to have a average capstone where they either have a blood drive or give a speech in front of the whole student body. I wanted my senior project to stand out and be something I’m proud of so I can look back five years from now and reminisce my high school experienced. I decided to make a “Life as an ultimate frisbee player” documentary to give back to a sport I have known to love & play all four years. A big factor in doing this documentary was how un-popular ultimate frisbee is compared to sports like basketball & soccer where students come into high school ready to play at the next level. I wanted to show people that frisbee isn’t just a plastic disc being thrown in the air for fun, for some people it’s a way of life. I wanted to show the amount of hard work, dedication & scarify we as players put into a sport that doesn’t get the amount of recognition it deserves. Also wanted to use this documentary as the next step for incoming freshman to watch this & say to themselves everything that person did on that video I can do. It’s my way of saying my final goodbyes to a sp
ort that helped me appreciate & grow not only as a player but as a person too.

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