Immigrant Rights Part 3: Change

            My final blog post is about change. The Post For Change is the last of the trio of blogs for the You And The World Project. In my first blog I talked about the DREAM act and it’s impact on many students and the country. I talked about how helpful it would be to the eager students who want to become part of America and their first step being getting an education. In the second blog post I focused on the youth group Fuerza and it’s several Latino members. I talked about our mission and the things we do in our struggle for equality and immigrant rights.

            With the first two blogs being informational posts I was able to introduce my topic to several people. Although bringing awareness is part of the mission of gaining immigrant rights in our country, there is much more that can be done.

            One of my first steps was joining Fuerza in order to better educate myself in the controversial topic of immigrant rights. Through this organization I will be doing several things including going into the streets of Philly in order to get signatures for petitions, or maybe even participating in protests such as the one on May 7th. This group is a great opportunity to become a young activist in the movement towards equality and rights for immigrants. A second step I took was posting a formal petition through Facebook, in order to get enough signatures to urge our representatives and legislators to vote against the anti-immigration laws. I also recently sent the email to the 9th grade streams.  My final phase for change will be to e-mail the Senator of my district of Philadelphia, Sen. Shirley M. Kitchen. She is the representative in the Senate for my district (District 3) of Philadelphia. I met her on a previous occasion in 8th grade and along with other members of the school government. I was able to remember her, and I made a plan to send her a proper e-mail stating my point of view on my topic and how I would like her to help.


Senator Shirley M. Kitchen, the representative of my district of Philadelphia
​I want to remind you that change can’t be done alone; supporters are needed to help fight for a certain cause. The petition or Fuerza alone can’t change the country. We have to branch out to other people, to organizations, schools and city representatives. We must let our voice be heard. Thank you Ms. Dunn for an awesome idea that let me put my mind to something that I really cared about. I would like to thank the people who have helped me with signing the petition, Nomi Martin-Brouillette, Nia Hammond, Julian Makarechi, and Wendy Tepoz. I would also like to thank my cousin Jessie Tepoz for introducing me Fuerza and their community.


Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 10.30.35 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 10.30.35 PM
The total amount of signatures earned for the petition against the anti-immigration bills, as of May 31st 2012
There is much we can do to help the country advance towards the dream of equality for all, where man is truly free. There are ways we can become better people, by helping others and becoming aware of the world we live in. There are other issues where are interest and support is needed; we have the power and choice to aid the people who strive towards something greater. We must think about how we, each of us as a unique individual, can partake in a route to a better Earth. It all starts with an idea, it starts a choice, but most importantly, it starts with You.
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Marshall Woodruff (Student 2015)
Marshall Woodruff

Great post Edgar, I loved that you brought up what other people can do and not just what you did. I felt that there could have been room for at least one more picture. Overall, great job.