Immigrant Success Stories - Global Benchmark 4

Here is the link to our project. 

I found that trying to find high school immigrants was the most challenging. I realized that as we were finally finding people to write about, they all turned out to be Vietnamese. However, they all had very different background stories with one central theme which was to come to the U.S. and receive an education. They all did and they took advantage of the opportunities at hand. It was also pretty challenging trying to tell the stories without being boring.

The idea actually came from one of my friends. However, pursuing the idea was fairly interesting. We contacted one of our fiends who gave us ALL the information we needed in order to create this project. Turns out a lot of her friends are immigrants as she is and so we had our interviewees already found before hand. There were quite a few students within the schools with similar stories but we really wanted to venture outside of that and lucked out with finding to very amazing and accomplished students.

I do not know if this story will get more attention over the next few months just because it has yet to get attention already. I hope it does because a lot of these kids came from nothing, they left their whole families and managed to do great things out here. From this whole process, I learned that we are really fortunate to have been born in the US surrounded by all these opportunities. However, for students who immigrated here, they weren't. They had to work extremely hard to learn our language and get used to this culture in order to make it within this society. Even in 2012, immigrants are still fighting to make their mark here. These students came from nothing and are motivated more than ever to succeed.