Immigrants and Refugees in the Modern World

Introduction: Hello! My essay shows mainly my thoughts, my view of Immigration and Refugees. Along with my own words, I utilized sources to help explain and further boost my thesis, and sentences. I speak a lot of how the two correlates to America's core beliefs. But my main idea is how immigrants and refugees are in the modern world. I'm going to harp on the many untold stories behind immigration, including my own personal one. Another theme in my essay is their role in community and society. The Oxford Dictionary simply defines Immigration as the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country but it means so much more. The action itself is simply explained and states in documents but there are countless words that actually represent immigration, all that comes along with it. There is a deep untold story behind every Immigrant and their family. My parents immigrated from China 20 years ago, my dad and his family moved to Camden, NJ, USA. While my mother and her family went to Toronto, CA. My parents were 16 when they permanently moved here. Till this day, my parents reminisce about their home. They speak of the mountains they would cross every morning for school. There are a variety of reasons why people around the world are forced to immigrate most times far far away from their home. Some people can leave their home countries for simple reasons such as wanting to live somewhere new, to travel. But the majority of people do it, to escape. Violent conflicts such as wars, harmful government, natural environmental factors. People from all around the world come to the United States, roughly 47 million of the population are immigrants. Within the 47 million people, there are untold, deep stories that bring more pain than imaginable. Families being torn apart just for a better life. Most times, people don’t have the choice on where to go, they go where they can. For example, in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West, Saeed and Nadia are forced to leave their world because it had gotten dangerous. “To flee forever is beyond the capacity of most: at some point even a hunted animal will stop, exhausted and await its fate, if only for a while.” Hamid speaks a lot of escape, and contrasts the two protagonists to showcase the process of immigrating from dangerous environments. Before the danger begins in the Unnamed city, Saeed and Nadia meet and quickly become infatuated with each other romantically. When suddenly, war breaks out and military starts attacking the city. The couple realizes that if they stay in the city, it will be a matter of when they will die. So they left by magical doors. In real life, there aren’t magical doors in real life. People are forced to take some of the most difficult routes to leave. For Mexican, or other hispanic countries, the journey often comprises of gangs, rapists, robbers, police, wildlife animals and much more. It takes a lot more than courage to make the journey. Arrival at new countries can be a great thing, but it can also be very difficult. A new country always has their own society, their own culture and many times a different language. In the Namesake, Ashima is brought to the US after gets into an arranged marriage to Ashoke, who’s been in the US to study. "I'm saying I don't want to raise Gogol alone in this country. It's not right. I want to go back." says Ashima in the beginning of the novel. Immigrants sacrifice a lot by raising their own children in a new country like the US. The kids grow up in an entirely different society that their parents did. As a result, immigrant parents and kids can have a lot of disconnects. In the Namesake, Gogol tries to assimilate into American society while trying to learn his Indian heritage. So much of our community are made of immigrants, and refugees. I think refugees give most Americans a sense of stories. Refugees have incredible stories that showcase survival like no other. It connects to the modern world by displaying the aftereffects of wars, and dangerous governments. People can see first hand the damage and trauma caused for innocent people. The image above was taken when Syrian refugees finally safely travel away from danger. It is evident how grateful and happy the Syrian man is. Refugees and immigrants don’t come to a new society and try to “take” jobs or take land. They are simply trying to live in a safe community and provide for their family. Some of the most successful and influential people are refugees. People such as Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Levi Strauss, and Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a few. Immigrants and refugees have used their skills and culture to make America’s more fun, educated and wise. Because of their past, and parents (immigrants) they are pushed to work harder, and make their lives more purposeful and liveable. Everyone’s story is unique and powerful in their own way. I believe that everyone brings their own mindset and skill level to society. As I am reading Enrique’s journey, the author, Sonia Nazario sets on a journey with a child in desperate desire to find his mother who left him at a very young age. Nazario says “They (immigrants and refugees) become our neighbors, children in our schools, workers in our homes. As they become a bigger part of the fabric of the US, their troubles and triumphs will be a part of this country’s future”. This quote explains itself, their story after living in the US becomes a part of the US story too. America being the immigration capital would not be as powerful, educated nor interesting if it wasn’t for all of the immigrants, and refugees that arrived. List of Cited Sources: Hamid, Mohsin. Exit West. Penguin Random House, 2017. Enrique’s Journey (by: Sonia Nazario) The Namesake (by: Jhumpa Lahiri)