Immigration Review

What surprised you most about this information?

What I thought surprised me about the information was that people actually were going through hard times that couldn't be fixed so easily. I didn't expect for Britain to eve go through a bad farming season that even the food they had would 't be enough to last until things got better.  

 What seemed quite obvious about explaining this data set?
I thought that it was pretty obvious that more immigrants came over  during the California gold rush because getting to america was cheap and they'd be able to get easy money from the California gold rush. To me it was a win win situation.  

Looking at the overall trend and incorporating what you know about the US presently, predict and defend the immigration trend for the next two decades.
Describe how you made a decision on how to visually represent the information.

To me I think that in the next two years more people from china would be coming here. The reason I think this is because since the Apple iphone5 and stuff came out more Chinese people will be working in sweatshops making them at least wanting to come here to get out of their previous life overworking for less than minimum wage. Maybe people from Libya will come here too due to their current issue.   

What parts of group work were challenging?

Um, I guess nothing because everything was on a google doc and we could see everyone's work and how far they were with the notes and time period. 

What would you do differently if you had this project to do over?

I think I would put in more years into the project so each person could have an equal amount of years instead of one or two people having to do more because it's a bit unfair... Well at least to me. :/

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