Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

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I think the thing that really surprised me was all the data before The Civil War. I knew about events before that time but as far as immigration goes, I didn't know a thing. What seemed sort of obvious to me as the huge decline in immigration during the time of The Great Depression. When I saw that I thought of back then and how it greatly difficult for people living here to find jobs, let alone someone how had immigrated. Yet, one thing I discovered that also impacted that great decline were the Quota Acts of the 1920s. These greatly limited and discriminated against nearly anyone trying to enter the U.S. My group at first wanted to try something with Prezi and we had something going but we found that we were taking too long to get something off the ground so we decided to go with a graphic instead. But as we were working on the graphic, I thought of using Minecraft to have a even better visual interpretation. But we soon realized that this was greatly time consuming and just stuck to our guns. I think the most challenging part was trying to incorporate the dates because sometimes, at least based on our research, the immigration had sort flatten out. If we had more time I'd would surely go for the minecraft idea, because I think that would have been a really creative way to display the data.