Immigration Visualization Project Reflection Maggie Long

What surprised me the most is that the numbers of immigrants went up by a lot in the last years of our time period. What I thought was obvious was that the government gave some immigrants permission to be here, then just took it back. All of the undocumented workers have to go back to where they came from. 
I predict that the immigration numbers will go up because so far, it is increasing by alot in the newer years. We chose to represent the data in order of years and in color coded order. The darkest colors are the highest number of immigrants in that year. We have a key that helps you understand the colors and we have arrows showing you which way to go. 
Some parts of the project were hard with groups because if they didnt have their data on the google doc, then I wouldnt be able to start the chart. My group was pretty good though as far as work and collaboration. We all worked together and made a great looking chart with all of our factual information. 

I would maybe make a different chart for the next time. Ours was'nt very creative, and it could be more visually astounding then it is now, but this was a great way of representing our information.

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Malik Tlili (Student 2013)
Malik Tlili

attractive piece. it resembles a timeline but it adds the number of immigrants along the way with the colors. it is easy to fallow and the idea of the purple getting darker as the immigrants increase was well though of.