"In The Eyes Of Man" Project by Shaion Denny and Soledad Alfaro-Allah

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In our project we decided to explore the isms behind religion. We both grew up in Muslim households and we wanted to do a project that somehow connected two or more of the philosophies that we had contemplated before and during the read of Kafka's "The Metamorphosis". After 9/11 in particular there were a lot of stereotypes and misguided ideals about muslims hovering throughout the nation, and through many modern advances such as the internet which was honestly revolutionary, the opinions and perceptions of god have begun to change. Many authors/writers/artist began to contemplate god and what God meant to them. Some took a humorous route like "The book of Mormon." Or a historical Route with books such as "Killing Jesus" By bill O'reily, Books by Mark Cahil and more. So with that we decided to create a book written by an author who had all of these questions about who God was, and did an immense amount of research in order to find connections between the religions of Islam, Christianity and the philosophical concepts of Cartesian Dualism as well as Nihilism. We decided that it would be an interesting idea to ban the book, and to document how the revolutionary content within the book had broken the Internet. We created a blog following the progress of the book from its release to the banning of it, to the audience response which goes from two very opinionated articles as well as a series of tweets from influential figures on both sides of the coin. The responses are to the literature itself and the banning of the book, as well as the authors response to the banning of his book, and his youth, and experiences guiding why he wrote it. Our cultural fabric consisted of a list of books that came out from the early 2000s to now as well as the play "The book of Mormon." All of which are on the blog and easily followed. We had a bit of a hard time crafting our idea full out but we ended up happy with what we created in the end.