Indee Phillpotts Capstone

For my capstone I wanted to further my sewing skills and incorporate some form of media while being able to do something creative. I decide to create a clothing line that I then did a photoshoot for. For the first couple of months of the process my main focus was on designing and sewing the clothes. I chose all of the fabric that was used and based some designs off of video tutorials or pictures I saw online. After creating all of the pieces I found models for each look as well as the location for the shoot. During the morning of the shoot I supervised hair and makeup and with the help of one of my mentors styled each model. All of the photos used were taken by myself. The pictures were then edited and used to create a website which showcases each piece, kind of like an online look book or magazine spread. Working on this project helped me expand my knowledge in sewing and designing. I now know how much time, effort, and energy goes into each part of making clothing, editing pictures, and creating a website. I plan on expanding and continuing to use this project as a platform for the things I love to do.

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