Independent Reading

Intro: This is my first Independent Reading Project.

Laura De Jesus

January 18, 2011

Title – Go Ask Alice


Go Ask Alice is a New York Times 3 Million Best Seller. This story is FULL of drama and suspense! Every word in this book has a reason of being placed on the page. Alice is a desperate girl on the chase of drugs. Alice was a young girl who did not belong in any group, she was just there. Her father got a job promotion and she moved to a smaller town but still suffered through the same problems. Until she meet this girl at a boutique named Chris. Little did she know what she was about get herself into, Chris was a year older then Alice. They more they began to hang out the closer they became; Alice got hired at the same place as Chris. It seemed to be a great idea at the time, but when they began to hang out outside of the work place that’s everything started to change. One night Alice joined Chris in an all girls night, this was the day Alice changed forever. She tried drug for the first time. She started off with acid; she was high to the max by the first shot! This became a daily routine for the two of them; they took it up to shooting, then pot. She was at the point where she couldn’t go a day without getting high. Alice began to experiment sex with drugs, she lost it to a random guy at a party. After returning to her grandmothers house she back to her normal self again, but once Chris appeared again she was worse then ever! They saved all their earnings from working long hours to run away and get high 24/7. Chris had a friend in California so they decided to move there for a bit and look for work. A few weeks pass by and they begin to realize the jobs they found weren’t cutting their needs to get high. Starving and quitting their jobs, Chris found a job with a young lady not that much older then her. She was ALSO addicted to drugs. Due to this fact it made it difficult for them to work together. Alice was also hired, the three went to parties everyday after work to get high with the “rich folks”. Almost year goes by they think its time to go home for Christmas. After two days they finally made it home in time for Christmas, they were sober about six months. Thinking that they would never return to drugs again, that was not the case at all. Chris began to a date a college boy, and set up Alice with his friend. The facts that Alice was fifteen and Chris was sixteen made their relationships illegal, so they kept the drugs and sex a secret. This was going on for almost a year. Come to find out their “boyfriends” were each other’s boyfriends! After Alice seen this she went running away again. At this point she was seventeen nothing was stopping her. She would give blowjobs; have sex with females and males just to get a fix. She joined all different groups of addicts till she meet a young girl only fourteen on the run just like her. Alice had one more chance for help, she accepted it. It didn’t work for that long, she overdosed and dies.

Favorite Actor: Alice

Why? Because she was real and always something new.

            I would recommend this book to anyone, it is an amazing book. The suspense makes you want to never stop reading. I think it should be a required book for all the ninth graders in public schools. The book teaches us to never escape from the hard times in life but accept them as they are and move on with life. I can relate to the characters in the story in a certain way. I think the book teaches youths and adults that peer pressure can harm you for the rest of your life.