Independent Reading Book Review

Sattera Mark

Book Review

Orange Stream


In Mrs. Dunn’s freshman class everyone is required to do an independent book review. The book can be could be anyone’s reasonable choice. I decided that I wanted to read “The Absolutely true Diary of a Part Time Indian”. I made my choice based off some of my classmates’ comments. One of my classmates told me that the book was hilarious and they enjoyed reading it. You don’t really hear teens saying this about books. That’s why I knew I just had to read it.  

The book was about a fourteen year old Indian boy named Junior. Junior had many complications growing up. He was born a hydrocephalic, meaning that he had extra water in his brain and had multiple seizures until the age of seven. He also had an odd appearance. He was slim, had forty-two teeth, big feet, and was slim. On top that, he was poor and lived on a reservation. At school he is picked on hurt, even by his friends. Junior wants better for himself and his family so he transfers schools. At the new school he join the basketball team. Through basketball Junior copes with his lost of loved ones and reconnects with his old friend Rowdy.

I loved this book. It’s by far my favorite book. The pictures in the book were interesting and gave me a visual of what the author was describing. I learned many life lessons from this book. One of those is that anything is possible and not to let your situation define you. Junior is a prime example of this. He could have said he was handicapped but instead, he played basketball despite of his health conditions. He furthered his education to new heights and took risks. He did what he had to do even though his friends and community didn’t completely agree.

This book is perfect for mature teens. It’s funny, inspirational,  and keep me on the tip of my seat. I wouldn’t recommend this book for kids 13 and younger. The book talks about some things that younger kids can’t handle. I think that their should be an edited version of this book that’s suitable for elementary kids. Overall the book is still great.

Poem Get Up

In this world there is so much pain.

Some people think in dieng they might gain.

By taking the easy rode out they might be released of their sorrows,

Not caring that tears will be in the eyes of their loved ones tomorrow.

The ups and downs the rises the fall

lead to a tragic downfall.

And us stuck in stubbornness can’t hear the cries and calls

of those people.

Those people who need help and support love and care.

So will you come to the rescue of someone who’s hurting out there?

So if you’re one of those people, please don’t give up.

You are amazing and your time isn’t up.

You may be in a tough place.

Thinking that you can’t win this race.

But just keep a good pace.

Don’t go too fast but not too slow.

Life is a process, you’ll learn as you go.

Once you come out everyone will see your glow

You just got to know.

Keep you to the sky.

and maybe one day you’ll fly

soaring like an eagle accomplishing your goals.

If you’re listening please let these words infortrate your soul.

Your more that than your past mistakes

and your future awaits

new beginnings and new doors.

it’s just up to you to get up and explore.