Independent reading review

During this time, i did a review on the amazing movie based book called "the dark knight". I wrote a summary of the book and I got detailed on the parts and chapters of the book.

Aidan Rios

May 25, 2011

Red stream


My independent reading project was on the best book in the whole world "the dark knight" written by Dennis O’Neil. This book was obviously about batman (Bruce Wayne); the main story behind this book is about rich and wealthy gentlemen called Bruce Wayne. He is the owner of his own company called Wayne industries and is a billionaire. His company “Wayne industries” makes all short of high tech advance technology to help people or just for protection. Not only is he the president of his company but also a crime fighting, secretly vigilante called Batman. He has no super powers but since he has so much money he buys all of the tools that he needs in order to protect the weak.  Nobody really knows that the man behind the mask is Bruce Wayne except for his most trusted butler "Alfred". Alfred took him under his wing when Bruce was only but eight years old when both his parents dyed. So, they both have a strong trust between each other.


The book takes place in a made up city called “Gotham City”. It is just like a New York much would argue that there is no difference at all. But, the main place that this book takes place in is in Gotham city and Hong Kong for only one chapter. But, that’s all I can really say about the setting other then that the year in the book is around 2008-2011 they never really give the time era but based on the environments and the story I would say it’s modern time.


Now, as for the main characters you can really name them off the bat because it’s a fast pace moving book but the main people that you encounter when reading are Bruce Wayne (Batman), Alfred, Rachael, Joker and commissioner Gordon. There are many other people that you come encounter with but they either never get mention again or get killed. But, the people that I named before are the people you read about over and over and over again.



While reading the book, you well encounter that his parents got killed when he was just a kid (8 years old) and was raised by his butler. His parents got killed by a robber who wanted to steal from them but Is father tried to talk to the robber and thin unfortunate got shot and killed along with his wife. And Bruce’s mother. So, once his parents got killed, he swore that he would protect the people of Gotham so nobody else would have to go threw what he did when he was a kid. But the thing is he's different from other superheroes. He has no super powers so it makes it a little harder for him to get to wear he needs to get to in time and fight criminals. He builds a tank looking vehicle called the bat mobile and he bought parts to make very high tech and advance weapons to help him. As he fights crime and protects he grows enemies. The main enemy in the movie is a terrifying face panted clown called "the joker". The joker takes things beyond what the average criminal would. He kills people and makes it a game. He destroys a whole hospital and laughs as he does. Also, when most enemies would cry and beg for forgiveness, when the joker is in danger, he laughs in the face of danger.


Thought out the whole book, I read that Batman is always getting out of harm just to get back into it. In one chapter, it states that he just finish saving this girl called Rachel Dawes and it was a close call because he had to jump off a building and catches her just in the nick of time. As soon as they were safe, without wasting time the joker threatens batman by telling him that he has two ships filled with people giving him a life and death choice. One ship is filled with inmates and criminals while the other one is filled with safe and normal people. So, he had to safe one but the other one would blow up. You would think that this is hard but as batman and the well earned title "The greases detective in the world" he manage to safe both ships. So, even though he has no super powers he is still an amazing and great super hero/detective. 

My favorite character in the whole story was a hard choice between batman and joker I couldn't choose. Why is because wall batman is a brave and heroic superhero that puts everything beside himself first and stops at nothing to protect the weak. He also is just a great person to look up to. Now, I also liked the kookier because well even though he's a criminal he also made me laugh a lot throughout out the book like he made everything seem like one big joke and for that I just liked him.


Now, I could relate to this because well I don't fight crime and I don't do crime so I cant really say much on something I never tried. Although I would love to try this but it just seems extremely too dangerous to attempt to do so I’ll just keep it in my head for now.


As you must know there was also a movie version of this book just like many. The movie was outstanding but I liked the book better because the book gets more in detailed then the movie. For an example, the book has a stronger background story behind the joker that they don’t say in the movie. Like, they explain what happen to his parents and how he became so evil and careless about people and just like the movie it explains the scars he have. But, regardless when I was reading the book I found it to be a little bit more boring but it was more fun to read cause I learned a lot more stuff about both batman and the joker.  So, I would give this book a 4 out of 5 because it was such a great and fun book to read but the movie just got my attention more. So, I would strongly recommend reading this book and watching the movie as well. Both would be a bit differently but it will basically have the same idea of a man called Bruce Wayne aka Batman and about his arch villain the Joker.


Below is a picture of the book cover you can fine this book just about anywhere like Wal-mart, Target, barns and noble ect.