Independent Reading Review Project

Quarter 4 BM(Independent Reading Review Project)-We had to read an independent book of our choice then write a 2-3 page book review about the book you read.


  Pure by Terra Elan McVoy. Pure is a great book for teenage girl audiences. It’s a fun, fast read. The book describes the conflicts that teenage girls face everyday in today’s society.

    This book is about a girl named Tabitha and her four best friends who made a promise to God to not have sex until they’re married. Because they’re teenagers who are in high school, that means boyfriends which leads on to sex. It all started at their church dance when Tabitha has a crush on this guy named Jake. Tabitha and Jake become closer through out the story and they go out on dates and parties while her best friend Morgan and her grow apart.  On the other hand her friend Morgan who is in love with her boyfriend, tells Tabitha a secret, which is they had sex.  Tabitha had to let that settle, and then she becomes to accept Morgan and they become closer friends again.

   The main characters in the story are Tabitha and Morgan they go through having to deal with decisions. Decisions that could change there friendships forever. There are conflicts between Tabitha and Morgan, which is person vs. person, and trust. My favorite character in the book is Tabitha because she is the only character that stays true to her self and keeps that promise to not have sex before she’s married even through in the middle of the story she has a boyfriend. Even when times get rough between her and her friends, she’s the one who tries to make it all better. What readers should take away from the book is to make wise decisions. For example Morgan didn’t make a wise decision to keep the promise to God and not have sex.

   Even though I never got a promise ring I can still relate to Tabitha , if I had a promise ring , and a boyfriend at the same time, I would make the same choices as her , because if I were to make that kind of promise then I would keep it.

  Yes , I liked the book once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading it. It was such a great book , most books I read, I pick it up and read  bits at a time unlike the book Pure. The strengths of the book is how the author explained things and she didn’t make the book boring.  If I could change something in the book it would be for Morgan not to grow away from Tabitha and her other two best friends because they could of prevented Morgan from having sex with her boy friend or at least gave her some advice. Another thing that I would change would be for all of Morgan’s three best friends to be  there for her , instead of just Tabitha. The reason why I say that , because it would send a message out that even when one of your best friends make a bad choice the friends that you love are still their for you.

   Yes I would recommend this book to other teenage girls because it’s a great book and at the same time you learn something by reading “Pure”.